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Services Offered: All Sessions are done via Zoom video meeting at this time. Distance does not effect the quality of your reading. They are just as accurate as in person readings.  

Mediumship Consultation

I connect with your loved ones who have passed on. I will bring forth evidence of who they were in life with the intention of creating healing in both worlds through the connection of love.

*Although I aim to bring forward the loved ones you want to speak with who are in spirit , I can't guarantee who will show up. 


Get together 6 or more friends for an intimate gathering and mediumship demonstration.

Please email me for details and options at


Intuitive Consultation

Intuitive readings are where I connect with your soul energy and advise on matters of your life, such as  love, relationships, family , career, finances and answer your personal questions. 

*Please note with a Intuitive consultation, you always have free will.  This means you decide what you want from your life and you have the power to change your path at any time which will change your future.

Soul Astrology Consultation

I will prepare and review your chart based on your date, time and location of birth. You will discover what lessons your soul came here to learn and insight into your calling and purpose. You will also learn and understand your own unique strengths and opportunities on a deeper level so you can get out of your own way in achieving the things your soul is calling you to do..

*You will need to provide your full date of birth, time and location of birth ONE WEEK prior to your scheduled reading so I have time to prepare and review your chart.

All readings and consultations are conducted in Eastern Standard time.

I will email a zoom invite for the scheduled appointment time.

All payments are accepted through Paypal. You may pay with a credit/debit card through Paypal.  You do not need to have a Paypal account.  You can check out as a guest in Paypal by simply not signing in at the Paypal screen and hitting the pay with Debit or Credit card button below the log in button.


Your appointment is not booked until the service is paid for. Therefore the time slot you want could be booked by someone else until your payment is received. If your payment shows pending in PayPal, your reading will not be booked until the payment has cleared.  If you pay by e-check, you will need to schedule your appointment 7 days in advance for the check to clear. All purchases are final.  There are no refunds on completed sessions. There are no guarantees or promises implied or stated. You are paying for my time and energy, not the outcome or contents of the session.


Cancellation policy:  There is a 48 hour cancellation policy. No refunds or rescheduling will be permitted for any cancellation not made within 48 hours of the actual appointment. There are no refunds or discounts given after a session is completed.  If you fail to show for your scheduled appointment without notice no refund will be offered. If I contact you via email to confirm your appointment or have to change your appointment time and you do not respond to any of my emails, your appointment will be canceled.

Thank you.

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