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Tips for a Great reading:

It is important for an intuitive or mediumship reading you don't provide me with any information about yourself, your loved ones , your family, life, etc. ahead of time.  I do not want to know anything other than your name and number to contact you at.

Relax and be open minded.  Approach your appointment with child like wonder and no expectations of what will occur. If you meditate, it's a great idea to meditate.  If you don't meditate , it's  okay. Take a walk outside or sit in nature. I also recommend taking several deep belly breaths. Listen to some uplifting music that makes you feel peaceful and happy.

Invite your loved ones that you want to hear from when you book  your appointment.  Simply do this by thinking of them and letting them know the date and time of your reading.  You may also speak to them out loud.

For a psychic reading please make a list of questions you have. 

For a soul astrology reading I will need your  DOB, time of birth and city/state for the most accurate results.

Please plan on being ready for your appointment 5 minutes in advance to ensure you are on time and feeling relaxed.

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